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– NASB), God asks Job 63 questions. He asks these (rhetorical) questions to show Job His omnipotence, power, sovereignty, and majesty. However, these. Here, God finally appeared to Job. But He never answered Job's questions or explained the reasons for Job's suffering. Instead, He asked Job a series of. The Prologue, (), the Dialogue () and finally tonight the Monologue () where God shows up and asks Job 77 questions, that Job can simply not answer. How Many Questions Did Job Ask God? · Does it please you to oppress me, · Do you have eyes of flesh? · Are your days like those of a mortal · Your hands shaped. OUTLINE · In response to God's challenge to answer His questions, Job can only acknowledge that he has now seen God · From what he has now seen and heard, he.

I will question you and you will answer me.'” So God appears to Job in a whirlwind. He answers none of Job's questions. Instead he asks him a series of. God's Great Questions · Where Are You? The first question God asks in the Bible is "Where are you?" · Who Told You That You Were Naked? · What Is This You Have. According to Warren Wiersbe, God asked Job 77 questions. All 77 can be summarized into these three questions: Q1: Who created the universe? God did! God. But instead of addressing his justice or explaining his actions, God asks Job a long list of rhetorical questions that reveal Job's limited knowledge and power. God boasts about Job, whom God considers to be an outstanding example of what a religious person should be. Satan takes the bait and raises a question about. Job gets the audience with God that he has been asking for. It does not answer his question whether he deserved the suffering he experienced. Job realizes the. The Lord Speaks · with words without knowledge? · I will question you, · and you shall answer me. Questioning God is not a sin. Humans are frail and need help in many ways. Placing our trust in God allows us to ask questions. As Christians, we know He will. After all the mind-boggling questions about ecosystems and solar systems, God is asking Job and all of us, "What qualifies us to contend with God's wisdom. Questions God Asks · Delve into the answers found by Job, Adam, Cain, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and others · Examine our fundamental assumptions about God, human.

Man has continued to run and hide from God, and God, for His part, has sought out the lost. How would you respond if God asked that question to you? 'Where are. God asked Job a lot of questions. Here's a list of questions in Job Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Has the rain a father? God does not answer their questions about Job's guilt or innocence, but rather speaks about the created order and contrasts what God can do with what humans are. I will question you, and you shall answer me. Job God has a history of asking questions of people. Adam was asked, “Where are you?” Cain was asked. He is a God of: (1) love, (2) holiness, (3) patience, (4) justice, (5) divinity, (6) judgment, and (7) deliverance. First, God asked Job if he would rebuke the. Description · Where Were You? (Origins — Job) · Where Are You? (Omnipresence — Adam and Eve) · Who Told You? (Epistemology — Adam) · Where Is Your Brother? . Now gird up your loins like a man, And I will ask you, and you instruct Me! Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you know and. When he can think of nothing else, Job challenges God by suing God to provide evidence of his wrongdoing.” This is a theory proposed by Edward L Greenstein, an. Reflect and Comment. Do you think Job keeps a good balance between his adversity and God's sovereignty? Why? How are God's ways sometimes different from what we.

His majestic snorting is terrifying” (Job ). To Samuel, “How long will you grieve over Saul since I've removed the kingship from him?” To King David (an. Job Who are you to question my wisdom with your ignorant, empty words? Now stand up straight and answer the questions I ask you. God asks for trust in His wisdom, not complete understanding. Job, after wrestling with his questions, repents and acknowledges God's wisdom. Introduction · 1. Where Were You? · 2. Where Are You? · 3. Who Told You? · 4. Where Is Your Brother? · 5. Why Are You Angry? · 6. Where Is Your Wife? · 7. Is Anything. God asks us questions as a way to help us recognize and respond to what is going on internally. In the garden of Eden, God came to Adam after he had sinned and.

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